Want to increase your culinary vocabulary, then check out these dishes that start with J. From the jelly to jaffle, they will all leave you drooling!

The 10th letter of the English alphabet is J, so why not learn about a few dishes that start with J? These delicious food items will inspire you to make an alphabet-coordinated meal. So go right ahead and enjoy the culinary joy of J!

Dishes that Start with J

(Note: This list also includes a beverage)

1. Jerky

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If you want a crunchy, high-protein snack that can last for a very long time without spoiling, the Jerky will do perfectly. Jerky is quite simple to make; it requires meat to be cut into thin and long strips and then removing all the water out of it to prevent spoilage. These crispy chunks of meat may then be seasoned with salt and other herbs and spices to give additional flavor. Although their appearance might not be very appetizing, their taste proves to be otherwise.

2. Jelly

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One of the most common desserts in the world is the Jelly and not only is it known for its taste but its texture. It is usually fruit-flavored and uses a settling compound like gelatin to allow it to get that bouncy and semi-solid consistency. It is made by boiling and cooling a liquid along with the compound and allowing it to settle in a mold to get the desired shape.

3. Jalebi

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Everyone in the Indian Subcontinent will start drooling at the sight of this dessert. The Jalebi is a deep-fried dish that is made up of a batter that consists of gram flour, water, and sometimes baking soda, which is then poured into hot oil in spiral or pretzel-like shapes and covered with a thick sugar syrup. Despite being a dessert, it is also eaten as breakfast along with other Indian snacks that complement its taste very well.

4. Jollof Rice

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West Africa is the region from where the flavorful dish – the Jollof Rice originates from. Although different people debate about the right way to make this dish, all agree that the main ingredients include long-grained rice, tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, and oil. If it is made for a special occasion or a feast, meat can also be added to it to enhance not only the taste but the nutritional value. It is usually cooked in a single pot, allowing all the flavors to blend together perfectly.

5. Jicama Chips

tasty Mouthwatering Dishes that Start with J

Mimicking the taste and texture of classic potato chips, Jicama chips are not made of potatoes but Jicamas instead (which is not a mystery, as the name itself declares). The root vegetable is sliced into thin wafers, brushed with oil and sometimes vinegar, deep fried, and seasoned with herbs and spices of your preference to make a perfect alternative to the more common version of chips.

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6. Jalapeño Poppers

tasty Mouthwatering Dishes that Start with J
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Jalapeño poppers are a show of culinary creativity. To make these appetizers, you need to hollow out the inside of a jalapeno pepper and fill it with an amalgamation of cheese, meat, and spices. It is then covered with bread crumbs and fried to obtain a crispy outer layer and cheesy inside. They are loved by foodies, especially in the USA.

7. Jerk Chicken

tasty Mouthwatering Dishes that Start with J
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Not to be confused with Jerky, the Jerk Chicken is a dish that is coated with flavorful and aromatic herbs and spices and then allowed to cook over a grill slowly. The preparation of this dish requires patience, but the smokey flavor of the end result is worth the wait. Jamaica is credited to be the land where this delectable cuisine was first created.

8. Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker candy

The children of the 90s would often be spotted with their cheeks puffed up as they sucked on Jawbreakers. These are sweet, spherical-shaped candy that has a sweet taste but extremely hard surface, hence the name “Jaw-Breaker.” It was intended to give the joy of eating candy but for a prolonged period of time. They are also known as Gobstoppers.

9. Jaffels


Jaffles is the fancy name given to closed, filled, and toasted sandwiches. It is usually eaten as a filling snack in Australia and South Africa. But to get the authentic shape and texture of this dish, you need to use a Jaffle Iron, which makes the triangular-shaped sandwiches perfectly. The filling of the sandwich can vary from seasoned mashed potatoes to cheesy ground meat, but one thing is for sure: this dish will always leave you craving another bite.

10. Jerusalem Artichokes with Garlic

Jerusalem Artichokes with Garlic
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Jerusalem artichokes, also known as sunchokes, are root vegetables that are nutty, earthy, and slightly sweet. This dish involves cooking these veggies with garlic, oil and seasoning.  They can also be roasted, sautéed, or mashed and served with side dishes to make a stomach-filling and hearty meal.

11. Jam

fruits Jam

There are barely any who don’t know what jam is. This fruit preservative spread uses a lot of sugar (sometimes acid) to preserve the fruity concoction and is used as a spread. It adds a sweet and energizing taste to bread and other bland eatables. However, it should be eaten only on a limit as the high sugar can be detrimental to one’s health.

12. Jigarthanda


Now, we can’t finish a meal without a cool drink to wash everything down, can we? The Jigarthanda is the drink for the job. This drink comes from India and literally means “Jigar”—heart and “thanda”—cool. Hence, one can deduce that this drink is a sweet summer beverage that uses milk, almond gum, and nannari syrup to give it a refreshing feel.

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