From dumplings to Dark Chocolate mousse, this list of dishes that start with D will take you on a mouthwatering adventure.

The letter “D” might be the 4th in the English alphabet, but it ranks among the top to foodies because of these dishes that start with D. So read on to get inspired on what to make for your next alphabet potluck or family gathering!

Dishes that Start with D

1. DonutsDishes that Start with D

Few haven’t heard about the iconic donut. This sweet snack is easily identified due to its flat yet spherical shape with a hole in the center. A donut is a popular pastry made by frying leavened dough. It is then usually glazed with icing of different flavors, and its fluffy texture and sweet taste make it perfect for curing your sweet tooth.

2. Dosa

best Dishes that Start with D

Originating in the culinary-rich land of India, the dosa is a thin yet crispy crepe with a savory taste. The process of making it involves cooking a thin sheet of fermented batter that is made of white ground gram and rice on a pan with a bit of cooking oil. However, there are multiple versions of this versatile dish, including masala dosa, set dosa, and onion dosa, that include the above process but just with a twist of ingredients.

3. DumplingsRecipes Beginning with D

One of the most famous snacks from China is the Dumpling. Despite its minimalist look, this dish packs a wide variety of flavors and textures in each bite. Dumplings are usually cooked dough balls that consist of a filling. The dough can be made out of flour, bread, or potatoes, while the filling is typically an amalgamation of meat, tofu, cheese, and veggies hence making it tasty as well as stomach-filling.

4. Dhoklabest Recipes Beginning with D

Going back to the Indian subcontinent, the Dhokla is a dish that the state of Gujrat is known for. You may mistake it for a sponge due to its look and texture, but one bite into it and the rich flavors that Gujrat is famous for come rushing in. It is made by steaming a fermented batter, usually made of lentils and rice, to a fluffy and spongey consistency. To add a savory twist, add some lemon juice and cilantro.

5. Devilled Eggs

food Beginning with D

No family gathering should be complete without including the devilled egg in the appetizer menu. They are simple to make but do not compromise on the taste factor. To make this dish, all you need to do is hard boil eggs, slice them in half, and fill them with a mixture of yolk, mayo, and other condiments and herbs.

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6. Dal curryMeals that Begin with D

If you go over to an Indian family for lunch, there is a high chance that you will be served the dal curry. This simple food is made by cooking lentils in a cooker or pot with water, but the herbs and spices give it a rich, mouth-watering taste. It is quite soupy in consistency but very high in protein. The low-cost factor also makes it desirable to attain nutrition on a budget.

7. Dark Chocolate mousseRecipes with a Letter D

The dark chocolate mousse is a dessert incorporating air bubbles to give it an airy and light texture. It is made just like any other mousse, but it incorporates dark chocolate as the main ingredient. Despite its sweet and rich taste, eat it in small amounts as it contains high-fat content.

8. Discadabest Recipes with a Letter D

Mexican dishes usually have various ingredients to get an explosion of flavors in every bite, and the Discada is no exception. This dish includes ingredients such as beef, bacon, ham, sausage, and Mexican chorizo, along with veggies such as onions, bell peppers, Jalapeno or Serrano peppers, olives, and tomatoes.

9. Devil’s Food CakeRecipes Beginning with the Letter D

The Devil’s Food Cake is a moist, flavorful, rich, and sweet dessert that will leave you drooling at the sight of it. Furthermore, this fluffy cake is usually covered with frosting and icing to enhance the taste. This dish consists of multiple layers with icing smushed between each hence giving a “heavenly” experience in each bite.

10. Dahi VadaRecipes Beginning with D

With the fourth entry on this list, Indian foods have taken over the letter “D” and the hearts of foodies worldwide. Dahi vada is a popular snack that uses dahi (curd) and a vada (cooked dough ball) to create a sweet and savory snack. The Vadas are covered with thick curd and other sweet-sour tamarind sauces and, therefore, are the perfect dish just after your entree.

11. Duck Fried Ricebest Recipes Beginning with D

This dish uses meat, rice, and other veggies, along with condiments and herbs, to create a filling meal. You can also add eggs as well to increase both the flavor and nutritional factors.

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