Wish to learn the ABCs of mouthwatering culinary dishes? This article will help you out on the “A” part. Read on to explore the wide variety of dishes that start with A!

In school, it is common to hear toddlers say A for apple, but in the world of extravagant flavors, mindblowing textures, and relishing tastes, “A” stands for multiple cuisines. So have a look and expand your knowledge of the dishes that start with the first alphabet of the English language!

Dishes that Start with A

(Note: This list includes certain beverages and drinks as well)

1. Abalone PorridgeDishes that Start with A

As the name suggests this delicious porridge commonly devoured in the country of Korea is made of Abalone which are a group of molluscs. It is commonly referred to as the King of Porridges as along with its savory taste, creamy texture it does not compromise on nutrition as it contains very low amounts of fats and is a lean option for a tasty meal.

2. Anadama Bread

best Dishes that Start with A

This dish may seem like regular bread but one bite into it and you will notice the difference in flavors and textures. It is made by wheat flour, corn flour but the special ingredient is molasses. Its root are embedded in the region of New England where it is often eaten for breakfast.

3. Amaretto Coffee

beautiful best Dishes that Start with A

If you want to end the day off with liqueur but also love the taste of coffee, then the Amaretto coffee is for you as this beverage is made of freshly brewed coffee and Amaretto liqueur and topped off with whipped cream. It is easy to prepare and usually drank in the colder months of the year. It is adored by coffee and alcohol lovers due to its distinct Italian taste to Irish coffee.

4. Al Pastor Tacos

top Recipes That Begin with A

Proudly coming out of the land of Mexico, which is known for its fusion of unique flavors, the Al Pastor Tacos are no exception. This lip-smacking dish has the main ingredient of marinated pork meat and is well complimented by the other ingredients such as cilantro, onions, and pineapple (which is used in or as a side dish, making the culinary experience much more tropical).

5. Arancini

best top Recipes That Begin with A

Arancini are loved by fast food lover for their fusion of crispy and cheesy textures and finger-licking taste. They are traditionally an Italian dish made with rice, cheese, and bread crumbs. The rice is used in making the balls, which are filled with cheese (other fillings may be used), and then these balls are coated with bread crumbs and deep fried, giving a crispy and crunchy outer layer and creamy surprise within.

6. Ahi Tuna Steak

Amazing top Recipes That Begin with A

Ahi Tuna Steak is named after the fish used in its preparation, which is the Ahi Tuna itself. It is a popular seafood dish that uses thick slices of fish, which are then seared quickly over high heat. This gives it a tender texture with a meaty and rich flavor. It is well complimented with the taste of condiments such as soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

7. Apple Pie

top Foods That Beginning with A

This fruit pie is the most famous of them all. No one can resist taking a bite of a freshly baked juicy apple pie. It is no mystery what the main ingredient is, as the name tells it all, but along with apples, it is encased in pastries and is usually double-crusted. It is one of the most well-known and loved desserts in American history.

8. Antipasto

Dishes that Start with A

Served as a beginner of a formal Italian meal, the antipasto is an appetizer made up of bite-size portions of multiple foods such as cured meats, olives, peperoncini, mushrooms, anchovies, artichoke hearts, and various kinds of cheese. It is traditionally self-served and is followed by more stomach-filling meals.

9. Aligottop Dishes That Beginning with A

The stretchy, cheesy flavors of the Aligot are obtained from an amalgamation of mashed potatoes and cheese. It is a dish that is said to have originated in France and is still used as a delicious side dish.

10. Almond Croissants

top Foods That Beginning with A

If you think of France, an Almond Croissant is one the first dish that pops into mind. This sweet snack is made of butter, flour, eggs, almonds, milk, sugar and a lot of French culinary culture. The crispy yet soft texture and melted butter and sugar make this a must have for a French breakfast.

11. Acorn Squash Soup

top Foods That Beginning with A

Acorn Squash Soup is a creamy and comforting soup made from roasted acorn squash blended with onions, garlic, broth, and spices, cream/coconut milk. It has a thicker consistency than most other soups, and its sweet and earthy flavor is enjoyed by many, especially in the winter season.

12. Amish Chicken Pot Pie

Dishes that Start with A

The Amish culture and tradition are the proud creators of the Amish Chicken Pot Pie. This cuisine is just like a regular pie, but the filling is what makes it so drool-worthy. The ingredients used in the filling are potatoes, chicken broth, butter, some veggies, and shredded chicken. Not only does this dish taste good, but it also provides a lot of nutrition as it is high in protein and vitamins.

13. Acai Bowl

 Dishes That Beginning with A

Acai Bowl is a Brazilian-inspired snack bowl that contains the Açaí palm fruit as the main ingredient. Taking a spoonful of this dish will let you taste an explosion of earthy and creamy flavors/textures. It is high in acidic content, and hence, the tangy taste is quite evident.

14. Acqua Pazzatop Dishes That Start with A

Acqua Pazza is an Italian seafood dish that literally translates to “crazy water,” hence, you know that you will go gaga over this dish. It is made by poaching white fish in a flavorful broth of tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and herbs. It has a light and delicate flavor and a juicy and meaty texture as the fish absorbs the broth.

16. AppamDishes That Beginning with A

The Appam is the South Indian version of a fluffy and savory pancake. It is usually munched on with chutneys. To prepare this, make circular disks of batter made with fermented rice and coconut milk in an appachatti. This dish is crispy at the edges and fluffy in the center, allowing you to experience a tasty combo of textures.

17. Alambrebest top Dishes That Beginning with A

Alambre is a Mexican dish consisting of grilled skewers loaded with various meats, vegetables, and sometimes cheese. Originating from northern Mexico, it offers a delicious combination of savory flavors and textures, with tender meats, charred veggies, and melted cheese creating a hearty meal.

18. Arroz Chaufaamazing top Dishes That Start with A

The Chinese immigrants who took shelter in the country of Peru are the ones to be credited with the creation of this culinary masterpiece. It has a healthy twist on fried rice due to its ingredients, such as eggs, chicken pieces, and scallions, but it does so without compromising on its mouth-watering taste.

19. Ajoblanco (White Gazpacho)

Foods That Beginning with A

Unlike the regular Gazpacho that most are accustomed to the White Gazpacho which is traditionally known as Ajo Blanco is a close relative but with a completely distinct taste. It is white in color and is mainly made by almonds and cucumbers. It is usually served cold and makes a refreshing dish to battle with the heat of summer.

20. Arbroath SmokieDishes that Start with A

The name gives away where this dish originates from. The creation of this dish is said to have an intriguing backstory: a store that contained haddocks preserved in salt within barrels caught on fire, and the next day, the fish was found to be quite delicious when eaten. From that day onward, the smoky texture of this dish was adored by firstly the villagers, then the entire country, and now to the world.

21. Açordatop Dishes That Start with A

The Acorda may be hard to pronounce but not to eat. This Portuguese dish is a mix between a stew and a porridge. The main ingredients are finely sliced bread, coriander, poached eggs (in salt water), olive oil and vinegar. The soaked bread absorbs the flavors and creates wonders when devoured.

22. Agneau de Pré-salé Au Grill

Dishes That Start with A

The Agneau de Pré-salé is a type of lamb that is specifically grazed for their distinctly tasting meat. Their diet consists of halophyte grasses that are high in iodine content and, therefore, have different tastes. The Agneau de Pré-salé Au Grill is a dish that is made by barbequing this very meat along with a plethora of other ingredients such as oyster sauce, honey, and fish sauce.

23. Adalubest top Dishes That Start with A

The Adalu is a dish that every Nigerian knows about, as Nigeria is the country of this delicacy’s origin. The dish is extremely nutritious due to its ingredients, which include corn and beans. They are boiled and mixed with palm oil, salt, and pepper to provide the taste.

24. Adana Kebab

best Dishes That Began with A

The country of Turkey is entitled to call itself the creator of this finger-licking good dish. The Adana Kebab is made of lamb meat (in most cases, male lamb meat is preferred), red peppers, and a variety of herbs and condiments to enhance the flavors. This dish is prepared by grilling it over an open flame to achieve both a smoky as well as juicy texture.

25. Asinanbest Dishes That Began with A

Craving a tangy pickle but also want it to be stomach-filling? The Asinan can fulfill both your desires. It is a dish that is composed of fruits or veggies that are preserved in salt water, giving them a unique saline taste. This dish is usually found in the local markets of Indonesia, giving you one more reason to visit the country.

26. Aushak

 Dishes That Began with A

The Aushak is a dumpling but with an Afghani twist. The dumplings are filled with a special filling which is made up of chives and fresh tomato sauce. They are served on high-quality yogurt and are considered to be a dish reserved for special occasions partially due to the fact that it is quite time-consuming to prepare.

27. Arayeslovely best Dishes That Began with A

The people of Lebanon frequently feast on the Arayes, which can be called grilled pita pockets. However, what makes this dish special is the extravagant flavor of the filling, which is a mixture of lamb/beef, garlic, herbs, and spices.

28. Anzac Biscuitsbest Dishes That Began with A near Window

The Anzac Biscuits will surely get rid of that sweet tooth as these biscuits (cookies for Americans) were first made in Australia and New Zealand. They are a healthier alternative to basic cookies as they are made with rolled oats, flour, coconut, sugar, and golden syrup. Their name reminds many of the valiant efforts of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) as this treat was a favorite among the soldiers during WW1.

29. Arepa

top Foods That Beginning with A

Arepa is a type of flatbread that is said to have originated in the North South American region. The speciality of this bread lies in the flour which is used to make it which is in turn made by grinding maize. The bread can also be used in sandwich-making, and it tastes well with cheese and certain meats.

30. AjvarFood That Began with A

During WWII, the Yugoslavians mastered a culinary delight known as the Ajvar. This is a condiment adored for its flavors produced by sweet bell peppers and eggplants. The spiciness of the Ajvar can be tweaked based on your preference.

31. Amok Trey (Fish Amok)best Food That Began with A

This dish is the pride of Cambodia, also considered to be one of its national dishes. The Amok Trey has a mousse-like consistency and, hence, gives it a much softer and liquid-like texture. The main ingredients of this dish are goby or snakehead fish, coconut cream, eggs, and coconut milk. It is commonly served on banana leaves to give it a traditional touch.

32. Ayam Goreng

Best Dishes Beginning with A

If you crave KFC in Malaysia or Indonesia, then the Ayam Goreng is the next best dish. The name literally translates to “Fried Chicken” and the difference in flavor that can be noticed is due to marinating the chicken pieces in garlic and turmeric before the frying procedure commences.

33. Andouille Sausage

 Dishes Beginning with A

Originating out of the country of France, this dish is now a global sensation. The Andouille Sausage is a smoked sausage that is created with ingredients like pork, onions, tripe, seasoning, and wine (which is France’s specialty). The smoking process involves preparing the pig’s intestines, tying them into long strings, and then hanging them in a smoke house.

34. Aspicthe greatest dishes beginning with a

Aptly given the synonym of “Meat Jelly,” the Aspic is a savory gelatin that uses a mold to give the ingredients, which include pieces of meat, veggies, and eggs, its iconic shape. It was a dish commonly feasted upon during the 20th century; however, its popularity has decreased since then.

35. Aioli

Dishes that Start with A

Just one glance at the image above and you could literally taste the creamy texture through the screen. The Aioli is a sauce that is known for its rich garlic flavor. There are multiple versions of this dish; however, all of them use garlic and oil as their main ingredients. Some other versions include egg yolks and lemon juice, giving it a twist in its taste profile. Nowadays, a food processor is used to make this sauce, whereas traditionally, it was made with a mortar and pestle.

36. Agnolotti

Best Dishes starting with A

Agnolotti is a type of stuffed pasta commonly used in traditional Italian cuisines. Each piece of the pasta is like a miniature dumpling, as the dough is made to envelop a tiny portion of roasted meat. A creative chef named Angelot is said to be the creator of this recipe.

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37. Asam Laksa

top Foods That Beginning with A

Using the special ingredient of Asam which is known as tamarind in English, this soup sets itself apart from the rest. The Asam Laksa is a soupy-noodle dish that uses tamarind as mentioned before along with mackerel. It can be topped off by poached fish and is commonly found in Malaysia, the country it originated in.

38. Ambrosiathe greatest dishes beginning with a

The Ambrosia is a dish that is worthy of the gods just as the word “Ambrosia” means. It is a fruit salad that usually contains chopped pineapples, orange slices, coconut, and marshmallows, making it a sweet and visually appetizing dessert.

39. Acarajé

best and greatest dishes beginning with a

Calling Brazil its home, this fritter is not only tasty but filled with nutritional goodness. The crispy outer layer is achieved by deep frying the akaras, which are made from a batter of cowpeas, salt, and finely chopped onions. But the mind-blowing taste is not from just the fritter itself but the filling of spicy pastes which are made from shrimp, cashews, and palm oil.

40. Amandine Troutbeautiful the greatest dishes beginning with a

The term “Amandine” means to be garnished by almonds. There are multiple dishes that use this garnishing technique, but the Amandine Trout is a dish in which a perfectly grilled trout fish seasoned with herbs and condiments gets the enhanced nutty texture of almonds by being imagined.

41. Albă ca Zăpada (Snow White Cake)Dishes that Start with A

The Romanians love their desserts, and one of the most adored desserts originating from their country is the Albă ca Zăpada, which is a soft, spongey layered cake. Even though the presentation of the cake might look sophisticated, it is quite easy to make using only eggs, flour, milk, and sugar to make the sponge, whereas the filling uses a different set of ingredients, namely – milk sugar, vanilla, lemon zest, and hazelnuts.

42. Afinatăthe greatest juice beginning with a

Just like the dish above, this one also originates from Romania. However, it is not something to eat but actually drink. The Afinată is a sweet liqueur that utilizes the taste of wild berries to produce the rich, fruity flavor it is known for. It is usually drunk during the evening as the alcohol can produce a slight buzz.

43. Arroz con Pollo

Top Recipes That Begin with A

The Arroz con Pollo oozes out the rich traditional flavors that Latin America is famous for. It is a dish that incorporates a wide variety of ingredients, including cooked chicken and rice, onions, saffron, and a plethora of other veggies and grains.

44. AsopaoBest Meals Begin with a little A

Carrying the prestigious title of “Soup of the Nation” of Puerto Rico, the Asopao is a dish that leaves you drooling for more. It can be made with a variety of meats, including beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and veggies.

45. ApakiDishes that Start with A

The Greek Gods feasted mightily, and one of the dishes they devoured would have been the Apaki. Originating from Crete, Greece, the Apaki has stolen the hearts of meat lovers across the globe due to its smoky flavor that it obtains from being marinated for days and smoked over aromatic wood.

46. AlbondigasMeals Begin with a little A

If you want to enhance your meatball eating experience, then the Albondigas is the dish for you. It is technically a meatball dish, but the way it is made makes all the difference. The ingredients include beef, pork, herbs, and spices, along with a binding material of breadcrumbs. Once the meatballs are formed, they are allowed to cook and absorb flavors from a rich sauce made primarily from tomatoes.

47. Arroz con Huevos

top Meals Begin with a little A

A simple recipe of rice and eggs that packs a nutritious punch and flavorful taste. The Arroz con Huevos is a South American dish that uses herbed rice topped off by 2 or more poached eggs. You can slightly manipulate the ingredients for a personal touch.

48. Avgolemono Soup & SauceDishes That Beginning with A

Usually used to thicken the consistency of stews and soups, Avgolemono is a type of sauce/soup that is commonly made with egg yolk and lemon juice that is combined with a liquid such as broth and heated and it thickens. However, it can also be served as a starter along with pita bread.

49. AllocoBest Meals Begin with a little A

The residents of West Africa come flocking to munch on this snack that is made of fried plantain, which has a crispy outer layer and fluffy inside. This dish is commonly served beside chili, peppers, and onions for added flavor.

50. Aloo GobiBest Recipes Beginning with A

If you are visiting India, you must indulge in the mouth-watering flavors of the aloo gobi. This traditional dish uses 2 main ingredients, which are in the name itself—aloo: potato, and gobi: cauliflower. It is cooked with a wide variety of herbs and spices and is usually eaten with roti or naan (a type of Indian bread).

51. AlfajoresFood recipes That Begin with A

Wish to have a sandwich but also cookies at the same time? The Alfajores can solve your dilemma as this dish, which originates in Spain, has 2 crunchy biscuits on the top and bottom and has a filling of a sweet paste-like substance. They are usually made up of flour, honey, and nuts.

52. Anmitsu

highest Food recipes That Begin with A

If you step into a fancy and expensive Japanese restaurant, you are most likely to encounter the Anmitsu. It is a wagashi (a traditional confection that is commonly served along green tea), that is made up of agar jelly which in turn is made using red algae.

53. Alabama White Saucetop popular Recipes That Begin with A

In the state of good ol’ Alabama, food items like fried chicken are incomplete without the Alabama white sauce. This sauce consists of mayonnaise but with an added spiciness factor due to ingredients like horseradish and cayenne pepper. It is so loved that chicken is technically baptized in this sauce before serving in BBQs.

54. American-style Pancakes

Dishes that Start with A

Nothing says more American than having flapjacks or American-style pancakes as breakfast in the land of the free. Unlike their British cousins, the American-style pancakes use baking powder to help elevate the level of fluffiness. They are made with eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and, of course, the previously mentioned ingredient, baking powder. While serving, drizzling them with maple syrup enhances the overall taste.

55. Ash CakeRecipes That Begin with A

Don’t let the name fool you; the Ash cake isn’t actually a cake at all but a type of flatbread. It is baked on smoldering rocks and gets its name as it is covered with ash during the process. It is commonly eaten in the Middle Eastern countries.

56. Aguachilepopular Recipes That Begin with A

If you love seafood, you have to try this one! The Aguachile is a Mexican dish that is made using shrimp and fish submerged in a seasoned concoction of red onions, chiltepin peppers, salt, cucumber, and lemon juice, which are responsible for the refreshing umami flavors making this mouthwatering dish special.

57. Angel Food Cake

food That start with letter A

If you want a slice of cake but are also trying to lose weight, this variety of fluffy spongecakes contains a much lesser quantity of fat because they use no butter. It is made with the basic ingredients such as eggs, flour, and sugar, but an additional touch is tartar cream. The Angel food cake is commonly served on special occasions due to its rich and varied taste.

58. Andagibest food That start with letter A

The Andagi is the Japanese version of doughnuts. Made with sugar, flour, and eggs, these sweet treats are fried but do not have the stereotypical shape of a doughnut; rather, they look like balls instead. The crispy and fluffy contrast of textures makes foodies go crazy for them.

59. Apam Balikfood That start with letter A

The Apam Balik which is also known by the name: turnover pancake, is a dish that originates from China and it is made using various ingredients such as flour, hot water, baking powder, sugar, eggs, peanuts, margarine, and butter. It gets its synonymous name when the pancake is almost done and it is folded in half with a sweet filling placed in between.

60. Asidafood That with letter A

A common culinary delight in the Arab region, the Asida is made by cooking wheat flour in boiling water along with honey and butter. It is said to have originated in the country of Yemen.

61. Ashurefood That Began with letter A

Ashure is a sweet pudding that goes by multiple names in different parts of the world, such as Anoushabour, Noah’s pudding, or Trigo koço. The main ingredients are grains, fruits, and nuts, making it a nutritious yet delicious dish.

62. Amygdalopitatop Foods That Beginning with A

This Greek cake is so tasty that no matter how much you eat, you’ll wish for another slice. It is made with almonds, flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, along with a hit of pastry cream. It has a moist and juicy flavor, and due to the almonds, it packs a secret crunch, making every bite heavenly.

63. Agnello alla CacciatoraDishes that Start with A

Lamb shoulders or shanks that are allowed to soak up the flavors of aromatic herbs like rosemary and thyme and cooked slowly in rich tomato and garlic sauce sound delectable, don’t they? Well, this dish is just that. It is a nutritious and tasty dish that leaves the stomach full but never the heart.

64. Aperol Spritztop best dish That Began with letter A

If you have had a long day and need an exotic drink to end the day, the Aperol Spritz, which is an Italian wine-based cocktail, can do wonders with its taste. It is made up of Prosecco, digestive bitters, and soda water. It is not very alcoholic, so you don’t need to worry about blacking out or sloshed.

65. Aglio e Olio Pastabest dish That Began with letter A

The finest pastas in the world come from Italy and one of the most delectable one of them is the Aglio e Olio Pasta. Despite its exotic taste, it is very simple to prepare and uses ingredients that are readily available making it a perfect dish to make when you are in a hurry.

66. Atoledish That Began with letter A

Atole is a famous masa-based drink commonly enjoyed in Mexico. It can be customized to your taste preference and comes in flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, or fruity. It is said to have connections to their motherland and also represents nostalgia.

67. AxoaTop Recipes That Begin with A

Although various recipes of this dish exist, most of them use mashed or minced veal, onions, red peppers as their main ingredients. It is a dish that originated in the Basque country and, to this very day, is loved by foodies there due to its authentic traditional taste and flavors.

68. Adaibest dishes That Begin with A

If you love dosas and are a fitness freak, this protein-rich Indian dish will surely win you over. It is a traditional dish of the south Indian region and is made using lentils and rice in a batter that is allowed to ferment, giving the resulting dish a fluffy texture on the inside and crispy outside (by cooking it with oil in a skillet). It is usually eaten as a healthy breakfast or snack.

69. American Chop Suey

dish That Began with letter A

Making Macaroni lovers drool in the New England region and other parts of the USA, this dish is a pasta casserole that is made by, of course, macaroni, ground beef, tomato sauce, and other veggies and herbs used as toppings. It is tasty and commonly served in potlucks or gatherings.

70. Adobo Chicken

Top Recipes That Begin with A

The word Adobo comes from the Spanish term Adobar, which means to pick or marinate. Hence the essence of this dish is to allow the chicken to fully marinate for an extended period of time before sauteing it. The juicy and flavorful taste of this dish makes it a culinary heartthrob.

71. Abgooshtbest dish That Began with A

The Iranians have always experimented with their food, and that experimentation was the reason for the creation of the Abgoosht. This dish is a mutton soup which is thickened with chickpeas. It is also called dizi because of the stoneware it is traditionally served in.

72. Aloo Matardish That Began with A

Coming out of the bountiful kitchens of India, Aloo Matar is just like its cousin Aloo Gobi, which is previously mentioned, but along with aloo – potatoes, Matar – peas are used and not Gobi – cauliflower. The consistency of Aloo Mattar is also much thinner, and it is a curry that is eaten with roti or naan. There are other variants of this dish, such as Aloo Mattar Paneer, which includes an additional ingredient of cottage cheese (paneer).

74. Asparagus and Mushroom Quiche

lovely Food That Began with A

Quiches are French dishes that were intended to be pastries, but the Asparagus and Mushroom Quiche is a dish with a twist on the original recipe. The flaky and crispy crust includes a filling of asparagus and mushrooms that are baked to a creamy mashed-potato-like consistency. This dish has a more savory taste and can be eaten as an entire meal.

75. Avocado moussetop Food That Began with A

Mousse is a savory or sweet culinary delicacy that has the consistency of thick foam and is made by beaten egg whites, cream, or both. However, in this case, yogurt is used instead of egg whites, and the main ingredient of the Avocado mousse is Avocado! The inner pulp of the avocado and yogurt, along with seasoning such as salt or lemon juice, is poured into a food processor and blended to a mousse-like consistency, which creates a healthy snack.

76. Aloo ParathaFoods That Beginning with A

Just like the name suggests, this dish too originates from India. Flour is used to make roti or pita-bread-like thin coverings, and they are filled with mashed potatoes seasoned with salt and spices. They are then cooked on a flat plan with butter or ghee and served hot. They are commonly served as breakfast in the northern part of India.

77. AvialFood That Began with A

This dish is an amalgamation of 13 different varieties of vegetables to create a stew that is commonly eaten in the western part of India. The veggies may include elephant foot yam, plantain, ash melon (wax gourd), carrots, beans, brinjal (aubergine), cucumber, drumstick pods, snake gourd, and broad bean, and others as well. This dish is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which help your body stay healthy.

78. Ants on a Logtop Dishes That Start with A

The name might sound peculiar but the visual look of the finished dish actually does resemble what it stands for. This is an easy-to-make snack made by spreading peanut butter or cream cheese over a piece of vertically cut celery and topped off with a column of raisins going from top to bottom. It can be given to children as a quick snack as peanut butter is a good source of protein, and celery keeps them hydrated and promotes good bowel movement.

79. Amti Daltop Foods That Beginning with A

The Amti Dal is a recipe born in the kitchens of the Indian subcontinent. It is a lentil curry that uses pigeon pea lentils and a bunch of spices, especially the Goda masala and herbs, to make an aromatic yet healthy dish that can be eaten with a combo of white rice or Indian bread as well.

80. Alfaalfa Sprout SaladDishes that Start with A

This salad uses alfalfa sprouts as its main ingredient, along with others such as onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lemon juice, and salt, to make a very simple but extremely nutritious snack. This dish is high in vitamins and protein while being very low in calories, so you can reap the benefits but not gain any weight.

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