Explore the classic Old Overholt Cocktail Recipe. Learn to craft this timeless libation and savor the rich flavors. Cheers to a taste of history!

Classic Old Overholt Cocktail 1

Step into the world of timeless cocktails with the Old Overholt Cocktail Recipe. It is a concoction that pays homage to tradition while delighting the palate with its harmonious blend of flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or a novice bartender, this drink invites you to savor the nostalgia of classic spirits.

Origin of the Old Overholt Cocktail Recipe

The Old Overholt Cocktail Recipe is a tribute to Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, an iconic American spirit with roots dating back to the 19th century. Crafted in Pennsylvania, Old Overholt Rye is celebrated for its smooth and versatile character. It is an ideal base for classic cocktails. The Old Overholt Cocktail captures the essence of a bygone era while delivering a harmonious balance of flavors that continue to captivate cocktail enthusiasts worldwide.

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Old Overholt Cocktail Recipe

Classic Old Overholt Cocktail 2


  • 2 oz Old Overholt Rye Whiskey
  • 0.75 oz sweet vermouth
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Maraschino cherry or lemon twist for garnish
  • Ice cubes

Chill the Glass

Begin by chilling a cocktail glass. You can do this by placing ice cubes in the glass. Or you can let them sit while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Mix the Ingredients

Combine Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Angostura bitters in a mixing glass. Fill the mixing glass with ice.

Stir Gently

Using a bar spoon, stir the mixture gently for about 30 seconds. Stirring ensures the ingredients are well combined and the drink is properly chilled.

Strain into the Chilled Glass

Remove the ice cubes from the chilled cocktail glass. Place a strainer over the mixing glass and strain the cocktail into the prepared glass.

Garnish and Serve

Add a maraschino cherry or a twist of lemon peel to the cocktail as a garnish. The garnish adds visual appeal and complements the drink’s flavor. Serve the Old Overholt Cocktail immediately.

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Things to Remember- Old Overholt Cocktail Recipe

  • Opt for high-quality Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, vermouth, and bitters to ensure a well-balanced cocktail.
  • Stirring the cocktail instead of shaking it maintains the smoothness of the drink.
  • The garnish is aesthetic and contributes to the aroma and taste of the cocktail.

The Old Overholt Cocktail Recipe invites you to experience the nostalgia of classic mixology with a blend that has stood the test of time. Combining Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters creates a symphony of flavors. As you savor each sip, allow the Old Overholt Cocktail to transport you to an era where tradition shaped the world of cocktails.

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Frequently Asked Questions- Old Overholt Cocktail Recipe

1: Can I use other types of whiskey?

While Old Overholt Rye is recommended for authenticity, other rye whiskeys can be substituted.

2: Can I adjust the sweetness level?

Yes, you can adjust the ratio of sweet vermouth to your taste preference.

3: What’s the difference between sweet and dry vermouth?

Sweet vermouth is richer and slightly sweet, while dry vermouth is lighter and less sweet.

4: Can I use an orange twist instead of a lemon twist?

Absolutely, an orange twist can provide a different citrus note to the cocktail.

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